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First space hotel will have capacity for 400 people

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) has revealed plans for the first artificial gravity space station, Voyager Station, which could be used for commercial purposes.

OAC is looking for private financing and, in a recent presentation, it spoke a little more in detail about Voyager Station. The circular structure will have a diameter of about 200 meters, rotating at a speed sufficient to create artificial gravity for the occupants.

Voyager Station is believed to have a capacity for up to 400 people spread over 24 housing modules and, if built, could become the largest man-made structure in space. In addition to restaurants, cinemas and concerts, OAC says that Voyager Station will also have gyms, libraries and even spas.

OAC expects to start building Voyager Station in 2025, with hopes that it can begin to be occupied around 2027. However, you can see images of the project in the gallery above.

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