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First Portuguese bio cheeses launched at the National Agricultural Fair

Conde de Vinhó will launch three new organic products in Santarém: Queijeta Bio, Kefir Bio and Queijo de Cabra Bio. The first two present themselves as an innovation.

At the end of last year, Queijaria da Caramuja saw its Conde de Vinhó Goat Cheese chosen as the Best Cheese in Portugal, in the Prolonged Curing category. Now it is preparing to launch three new biological products. Two of them, Queijeta and Kefir, are the first organic products produced in Portugal. The launch takes place at the National Agricultural Fair, which takes place from the 8th to the 16th of June, at the National Center for Agricultural Exhibitions and Markets, in Santarém.

1 milk bottles mockup
Conde de Vinhó < Kefir Bio

Paulo Mota, who has managed Queijaria da Caramuja for around a year, recognizes that this period was “a very rich time in terms of learning about cheese production, but also in demand and always with the main objective of creating new products”. It was with this in mind that Queijeta Bio, Kefir Bio and Queijo de Cabra Bio, from the Conde de Vinhó brand, were created, all of them produced in organic production.

The products will be for sale, for now, at the cheese factory itself, which is located near Gouveia, but will soon also reach other commercial areas, namely some gourmet stores. Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese will also soon arrive in an organic version, whether the cheese factory is located in the heart of the region that produces this cheese.

Queijaria da Caramuja is new, has been under current management for a year, and is part of a Rural Tourism project, has a herd of 140 Serra da Estrela sheep and around 70 hectares, made up of permanent pastures and cultivated areas. of fodder, olive groves and vineyards, all in organic farming.

queij caba
Conde de Vinhó < Queijo de Cabra Bio

“We also recently launched some chocolate bonbons filled with Serra da Estrela PDO cheese and, in addition, on the property we produce wine and olive oil, sold under the Caramuja or Conde de Vinhó brands, both designed using an organic production model”, explains Paulo Mota, which intends to continue investing in differentiating products that follow this production model.

In addition to the aforementioned products, the cheese factory produces several types of sheep and goat cheese, namely fresh goat cheese, queijeta, buttery and cured cheeses, and the ex-libris Serra da Estrela PDO cheese. For the more curious, this space also allows the general public to visit where it is possible to see the entire Conde de Vinhó cheese manufacturing process.

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