Production of the Serra da Estrela DOP cheese reached 195 tons

Serra da Estrela’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese currently has 40 certified dairies and 210 dairy producers, and production reached 195 tons in 2017, with revenues estimated at 3.5 million euros.

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]he economic importance of the cheese industry has recently led to the launch of the Cheese Region Valorization Program in the Central region, a project involving 14 entities in the region and a total investment of 2.7 million euros. the position of InovCluster – Association of the Agroindustrial Cluster of the Center.

According to this association, at the level of production, Serra da Estrela DOP represents 45% of the cheese production of the Center region: from 102 tons produced in 2012, it increased to 195 tons in 2017.

In financial terms, the estimate points to revenues in the order of 3.5 million euros, taking into account that the value of the kilogram is 18 euros.

The PDO with the largest number of producers is Serra da Estrela, which represents 60% of the total number of producers. In relation to certified dairies, it represents 82% of the total dairies in the Central region,” explains the president of InovCluster, Cláudia Domingues.

In relation to the number of certified dairies, they are distributed by Trancoso (two), Celorico da Beira (nine), Fornos de Algodres (two), Gouveia (four), Seia (12), Oliveira do Hospital (three), Nelas three), Mangualde (two) and Penalva (three).

As for milk producers, Trancoso has six; Celorico da Beira 29; Cotton Ovens 10; Gouveia 48; Seia 39; Oliveira do Hospital 27; In them 11; Mangualde 29; Penalva eight and Board three.

The geographical production area of the Serra da Estrela DOP Cheese covers the municipalities of Carregal do Sal, Celorico da Beira, Fornos de Algodres, Gouveia, Mangualde, Manteigas, Nelas, Oliveira do Hospital, Penalva do Castelo, Seia, Aguiar da Beira, Arganil , Covilhã, Guarda, Tábua, Tondela, Trancoso and Viseu, in the districts of Viseu, Coimbra, Guarda and Castelo Branco.

According to Cláudia Domingues, it is expected that investment under the Cheese Region Valorization Program of the Central region will contribute to leverage private investments of 11.6 million euros in 2022, after the course of 24 months of project implementation.

This is an ambitious goal that presupposes that for each euro of public investment made, private investments of 4.16 euros are made,” he concluded.

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