ProfJam reached number 1 of the top artists on Spotify Portugal

after having released the new album “MDID (Música De Intervenção Divina)”

23 of the 25 songs on the album entered directly into the top 200 of the most listened to songs on Spotify Portugal and, in parallel, Mário Cotrim broke the barrier of 500,000 streams on Spotify, on the day “MDID” was released.

The launch of ProfJam’s new album, MDID (Música De Intervenção Divina), was long awaited and expectations were fully achieved.

After having gathered more than 2500 people outdoors, in Jardim Francisco Caldeira Cabral (Telheiras, Lisbon), for an epic listening party, where the 25 songs of “MDID” were heard for the first time, ProfJam became the artist # 1 on Spotify UK. In fact, 23 of the 25 songs that make up the album “MDID (Música De Intervenção Divina)” entered the top 200 of the most heard songs on Spotify Portugal, and 7 of them reached the Top 50 of the largest streaming platform, where the album already has more than 8 million streams!

The video for “DAKAR”, the most recent single, is currently number 5 in the top trends on YouTube in Portugal, where music videos and lyric videos from this album also have more than 5 million views.

The long-awaited album “MDID”, revealed on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, Mário Cotrim’s fifth project, saw the light of day after the musician from Telheiras broke out in “The Big Banger Theory” (2014), discovering himself in “Mixtakes” (2016) from its revolutionary Think Music, reinvent itself in “#FFFFFF” (2019), and reaffirm itself — alongside benji price — with “SYSTEM” (2020).

Edited on a symbolic date, the product between day and month results in a work consisting of 25 tracks, with a tripartite executive production — between the author himself and 2LO (duo formed by Gonçalo Lemos and Leonardo Pimenta) — and producers ranging from Migz to much of the album, Fumaxa (on “DAKAR”, recently released and which soon reached top positions on digital platforms), Rubik (on the previous one and on “FASE”), Charlie Beats (on “SÁBADO”), Osémio Boémio (on “ CABARET”), Reis (in “KAMIKAZE”) or Lazuli (in “TUGA”).

MDID” confirms the trend of his isolated glimpses anticipated: as a visionary that he is, and increasingly allied to his faith dimension, the artist responsible for major national hip hop anthems — between gold and multiple platinum — such as “Xamã”, “Mortalhas”, “Água de Côco”, “À Vontade” (with Fínix MG), “Tou Bem” (with Lhast) or “TRIBUNAL” (with benji price) – continues to accumulate hits in his repertoire without, however, if you deviate from the path that he traced a long time ago.

ProfJam’s journey stands out, therefore, above all for the unpredictability of each stop, and “MDID” is no exception to the rule or the route. Once again, the MC, who appropriated the initials with which he signed his own name and, based on them, changed the paradigm of national rap with two other initials (TM) — alongside people like Benji Price and Nelson Monteiro (co-founders of the label), Fínix MG, Mike El Nite, YUZI, prettieboy Johnson, Sippinpurpp, LON3R JOHNY, L-ALI, and xtinto —, rises to a new level more to challenge himself than to see the view from up there.

In a work that stands out for its absence of vertigo when it comes to leaping feet first into unpaved waters, the author’s artistic vision stands out for the (apparent) ease with which ProfJam leaves orbit and reflects different movements around a spectrum as broad as your capabilities allow it. New approaches, different aesthetics, and the same motivations culminate in an ambitious record like no other in his career.

With the album edited, the rapper is now preparing to hit the road again, he has already confirmed performances for festivals such as Sumol Summer Fest (on June 30th) or Rolling Loud, where he will present a brand new show and he is also innovative.

Tracklist MDID:

  • ”INTRO”
  • “BLESS”
  • “4 O QUADRADO”
  • “FEHÉR”
  • “FAX”
  • “SÁBADO”
  • “DAKAR”
  • “SOURCE”
  • “FASE”
  • “SACA LÁ”
  • “GEIZA”
  • “TUGA”
  • “AZTECA”
  • “HÁLITO”
  • “WOUW”

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