Profjam confirmed at MEO Sudoeste

The countdown has started for yet another Southwest MEO. From August 4th to 8th, friends, the beach, camping, an unforgettable environment and the good spirit that lives in Zambujeira do Mar throughout a memorable week, combine with the best music of the moment, and always giving special. highlight national names. There is one more name to confirm it: the unavoidable ProfJam will perform on the MEO Stage on August 5th, in a special concert that promises several surprises.



ProfJam has been designing one of the most personalized and interesting artistic routes in national hip hop, betting on a posture and sound that put him in a championship that is his own. The rapper started out in parallel circuits like the Knock Out League and made his debut in 2014 with the “The Big Banger Theory” mixtape. “Mixtakes” was the next step, a record highlighted as one of the best of 2016 and which included another classic: “Queq Queres”. In 2018, the rapper released the themes “Yabba” and “Gwapo” (with the participation of Yuzi, one of his Think Music artists) and both reached very significant numbers on the streaming platforms. The internet has, by the way, been one of the main grounds for ProfJam’s art affirmation: “Shaman” and “Shrouds”, themes released in 2017, have reached millions of views on YouTube. With an intricate writing, complex flows and productions that translate the present and the future, ProfJam has cultivated a very unique style that has been noted both in its successive releases, and in the stages that are stepping from north to south of the country. In the single “Coconut Water”, ProfJam comes back to surprise with an increasingly elaborate writing, full of imagination. “Água de Coco” was the first single from the long awaited album “#FFFFFF”, released in 2019 and produced by Lhast. After the tremendous success of “Coconut Water” – the video has already passed the impressive 10 million view mark – any doubts that might subside dissipated with the second single. Lhast signs the beat and chorus hook of “Tou Bem”, an affirmation of the happiness and good way that both artists have found and are now traveling. “#FFFFFF” has a story to tell, made of colors and nuances, made of sounds and words, made of flows and second and third meanings. “I only give the word what I see,” explains the rapper. And with him, we see all of us. And next August 5th is a good opportunity to get to know this story better architected by one of the rappers of the moment, the consecration of ProfJam on MEO Sudoeste Stage, in a special concert that will have many surprises!


The 24th edition of MEO Sudoeste is back in Zambujeira do Mar from August 4-8, 2020 and MEO anticipated the release of the MSW Tribe Pack, exclusive MEO of the 2020 edition of the largest Summer Festival.

For the biggest fans of the festival, limited in number and exclusive to the MEO online store, the MSW Tribe Pack includes 5 Festival Day passes that include 9 free camping days.

First units – 370 € SOLD OUT
Next Units – 380 € SOLD OUT
Latest units – 399 €

Already confirmed:

August 5

MEO Stage – Bad Bunny, ProfJam
August 6th
MEO Stage – Major Leisure
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