ProfJam talks about love again in “RGTN”

The rapper’s new theme recovers the story of L.S.D. (Love Songs Die) and is presented as the third single from this album.

“RGTN” is ProfJam’s new song and marks the resumption of a cycle that has already begun. After the first advances of L.S.D. (Love Songs Die) materialized in “HEI” (2020) and “Alguém Como Tu” (2021), the author of MDID (Música De Intervenção Divina) once again opens his heart in a chapter that was far from closed.

“RGTN” thus appears, as the third single from the album L.S.D. (Love Songs Die), as an unprecedented approach by the MC to a king genre of the last decade. The initials in the title already allow a blind bet on the content, but no one would have predicted this leap after Mário Cotrim had released an album like MDID, unequivocally limited to the matrices of hip hop.

But the beats of 2LO, who played a fundamental role in the production of this latest album, are not deceiving. And ProfJam immediately puts his cards on the table: “For you I have a reggaeton” is the opening phrase that the author repeats throughout the track, which does not stop at the chosen aesthetic: it rather reveals another colour from the wide spectrum of tones of this new work, which has been under development for almost four years.

We’ve already seen him rhyme in the most purist boom-bap cadence and stretch his voice and the limits of the trap without hesitation. We have even heard him, very recently, crossing these two apparently opposite universes — namely in “AUTO: BOOM”, a song that served as an advertisement for his two shows at Aula Magna. We’ve also seen him singing ballads, starring in pop songs or mastering club-oriented tracks. Reggaeton? This is new to your repertoire. But an artist like ProfJam will certainly never say, “I will not drink this water (coconut or any other water)”. And, more than genres, sub-genres, styles or cadences, what truly matters in the creator’s vision is the message that his music proposes, regardless of the ways in which it is shaped and realized.

Thus, “RGTN” follows “HEI”, a theme that at the time was also disruptive within what was expected from the respective author, and “Alguém Como Tu”, an unusual collaboration between ProfJam and Agir that came to confirm both the narrative thread of the project and the multiplicity of expressions it will have. Being unpredictable is, therefore, in his artistic DNA.

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