Program of free access to culture for young people becomes permanent

The ‘És.Cultura’18 program, which allows free annual access to cultural equipment and activities for 18-year-olds, will become permanent, Angolan Secretary of State for Culture, Angela Ferreira, announced today in Lisbon.

The national program, one of the winning measures of the Participatory Budget Portugal of 2017, in force since April 2018, and which should end now, will continue and become permanent from May, according to the governor.

At the end of presenting a balance sheet of the program, in the space Cooltura of the event Futurália, taking place at the Lisbon International Fair in Parque das Nações, the Secretary of State for Culture indicated that more than 3,000 young people participated along of 12 months.

For the positive effects of the program on young people’s access to culture and the creation of new public, it was decided to extend the program,” she said.

In addition to the bodies supervised by the Ministry of Culture, the program also has the adhesion of 64 municipalities and 11 private entities.

Between museums, monuments, palaces or theatres, the total offer exceeds 350 equipment and, to obtain free entry, the young man of 18 years only needs to present the citizen’s card.

With the continuation of ‘És.Cultura’18, the Ministry of Culture intends to’ open up the horizons of young people who have reached the age of majority ‘, providing free admission to a less habitual cultural consumption at this age, namely theatre, opera, symphonic concerts

Asked about the investment applied in this program, Ângela Ferreira indicated that it amounted to 36,800 euros, in the three components, but “fell mainly on the IT platforms.

The entrances to the supervised bodies were in charge, which caused some fall in the revenues, but it is worth the investment because there will be a return in the creation of new public, with the foment of new cultural habits“, justified.

In the next edition, it is foreseen the adhesion of another 19 municipalities to join the 64 already within the program.

Written by João Gonçalo Pereira and Tiago Veloso, the “Culture for All” program was the most voted in the 2017 edition of Participatory Budget Portugal and also includes the “Livrar” platform (free), launched on December 13, 2018, which allows the free availability of books among registered users.

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