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Youth Foundation Internship Program opens applications for Companies

PEJENE is a 2 or 3 month internship program between July and December, which aims to train the student for a real work context and is aimed at young people attending Public, Private and Cooperative Higher Education (CTeSP – Superior Technical Courses Professionals, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Integrated Master’s or Postgraduate) and covers all areas of study.

At the national level, PEJENE is an internship program created by the Youth Foundation and co-promoted by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) to meet the learning needs of young people attending Higher Education, contributing to the improving the performance of professional tasks and increasing knowledge in a real work context.

Over the past 29 years, PEJENE has mobilized thousands of young people, having contributed to their inclusion in active life. In 2020, the year of a pandemic crisis, about two hundred young people participated in this program, with 23% having the opportunity to remain in the company after the internship ended.

In this edition, PEJENE intends to extend internship opportunities to all students of higher education, regardless of the academic year in which they are – unlike past editions in which it was only limited to finalists and pre-finalists – and to hold workshops and lectures on topics related to employability, the construction of CVs, the preparation of job interviews, among others.

In a first phase of applications, companies and host organizations interested in receiving trainees will be able to submit their applications until 21 May. Applications can be made using a form, made available by the Youth Foundation on its website. After evaluating the requirements of the companies and host organizations, the Youth Foundation publishes the list of vacancies for internships, thus starting applications for young students.

The second phase of PEJENE applications starts on 25 May. From that moment on, young students will be able to apply for internships offered by companies. At the end of this period, applications for host entities/companies will be open again until October 31st.

Since 1993, this program has been successfully responding to the needs of young people attending higher education. For this reason, it constitutes a central program in the context of the Youth Foundation’s mission to carry out and/or support projects, activities, and initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of young people in active and professional life.

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