Prohibited plastic bags, dishes and bottles in public administration

The Council of Ministers today approved a resolution banning the direct and indirect administration of the state from using plastic bottles, sacks and crockery, and further reducing the consumption of paper and consumables by 25% in one year.

At the briefing of the Council of Ministers today, the Minister of the Presidency, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, announced the adoption of a resolution that “defines the measures to reduce the consumption of paper, print consumables and plastic products in the Public Administration “.

“Defining, as a rule, the ban on using bottles, plastic bags and dishes and forcing the use of alternative materials with guidelines also for public procurement,” explained the ruler.

The purpose of this resolution is also to “reduce by 25%, in one year, the consumption of paper and consumables”.

An example of this new measure will be the communiqués of the Council of Ministers, which from the next Government meeting will no longer be distributed in paper, as usual, to journalists, and will only be available on the executive website.

“The resolution shall be binding for the direct and indirect administration of the State, including public institutes of special regime, for the offices of members of the Government, and for the business sector of the State, applying, on an optional basis, to the autonomous administration “, it can be read in the communiqué of the Council of Ministers.

The achievement of these objectives will be evaluated on January 31, 2020.

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