Project “Children for Peace” by Davide Zaccaria

New single "Mãe Negra" Paulo de Carvalho featuring Mariana Borges

Official video – “Mãe Negra” – Paulo de Carvalho & Mariana Borges

Recorded at studio Namuche and Primetime
Mixed/Mastered at Primetime studio

Video production Carlos Sargedas

Some singles from Davide Zaccaria’s “Children for Peace” project are already known, such as:Terra Prometida” performed by several artists, who on the album join in a duet with refugee and needy children, “Imagine” in the voices of Tatanka and Roksolana (Ukraine ), “Eterno” by Anjos, Sidra and Solida (Iraq), “Chuva” by Jorge Fernando and Emma (Sudan) comes to the turn of “Mãe Negra” by Paulo de Carvalho and Mariana Borges (Portugal).

Mãe Negra“, is sung by the author Paulo de Carvalho and by Mariana Borges, one of the scholarship students who was selected to learn music. Mariana studied singing at Escola Jazz do Barreiro and was chosen to interpret one of the most difficult and iconic themes of the project “Children for Peace”.
Obviously, singing with one of the most important voices of all times, a song that reflects a positive meaning both in the execution of the theme, and as I hope, also in the lives of these children, Paulo de Carvalho and Mariana could only sing in Portuguese.

The arrangement I made was also complex, using an oboe (Paolo Massamatici, Italy), Udu (Rahman Haghighi, Iran) with bass accompaniment by Luis Pinto and drums by Ivo Martins to which my guitar, my piano are added. and my cello, resulting in a very orchestral sound.

We remind you that the “Children for Peace” project aims to raise revenue that will revert to music scholarships, musical instruments and humanitarian institutions.

We count on everyone’s help – Associação Sonos Terra

IBAN: PT50 0045 6422 40348517154 17

“Children for Peace” coming soon!

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