MELOM project among the finalists of the largest architecture competition in the world

There is a Portuguese project among the finalists of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), which takes place this year in the Portuguese capital, between December 1st and 3rd.

Under the responsibility of MELOM Power, the project, presented for the competition to expand the Headquarters of the Ordem dos Arquitectos – Lisbon, despite not having been the choice in the national public competition, is competing as a finalist in the category “Future Projects – Competition Entries”.

The MELOM project, entitled “In-Between – Between walls…Between Spaces…Between Memories…Between the Order and the City…” was born from the idea of ​​conservation and enhancement of the existing, respecting the urban environment and the headquarters building of the Ordem dos Arquitectos. It allowed the creation of a parallel gallery, by moving away from the existing arcade, generating a new built-up boundary.

Located at Rua da Ribeira Nova, in Lisbon, the expansion project creates outdoor living spaces in the street area, enhancing it through the creation of patios that, in addition to allowing light to enter the different spaces, allow for more relationships with the Headquarters building, visual connection between the different floors and with the outdoor spaces created.

The result of this project is the expansion of a building in close union with the Headquarters, at the same time linked with its own identity, creating in itself and among itself public space, revitalizing the lot and contributing to the urban regeneration of that part of the city.

The team of architects responsible for the project, consisting of Maria João Correia and Cristina Lúcio, will be present to present the project at the World Architecture Festival, which this year takes place in Lisbon, on December 1st and 3rd. The festival includes presentations, exhibitions, lectures and the announcement of the winners.

Headquartered in Porto, the MELOM Power unit has been part of the leading network of works in Portugal since 2016. Distinguished as the best franchised unit of the year in 2019 and 2020, it is currently one of the references of the network, being composed of a team experienced in the elaboration and project management in the real estate remodeling, rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction market.

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