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Project to create warehouse of the future brings together 50 researchers and 2.1 million euros

About fifty researchers are part of a research project that aims to create the foundations for a warehouse of the future.

The project will run for 28 months and is supported by an investment of 2.1 million euros, with funding from Compete. In 12 months’ time, the University of Coimbra, which announced the initiative, is hosting a pilot. In a factory environment, the solutions that researchers are beginning to test in 18 months.

In the coming months, intelligent systems will be developed for a warehouse of the future, which will allow the automation and management of stabilization, picking and movement of materials and components in real time, supported by the sensing of people, equipment and inventories, robotics and technologies such as artificial vision or the 5G.

The progress will be applied to specific use cases, in a logic of the living lab in an industrial context, in places such as the PSA group’s Mangualde factory.

With the first two solutions, the intention is to give autonomy, flexibility and sensory capacity to the picking processes, making them fully traceable, more flexible and creating conditions for the automatic handling and movement of parts and kits, taking advantage of a fusion of collaborative artificial and robotic vision with 5G-ready technology.

The University of Coimbra, which publicized the project, collaborates with 10 researchers from various research centers. The project takes place under the PSA Supplier Club Initiative, is financed by COMPETE and led by RARI (Metallic Constructions, Engineering, Projects and Industrial Solutions).

The consortium also includes the University of Coimbra, the University of Porto and the companies Globaltronic, 4iTec Lusitânia SA, NOS Comunicações and NOS Technology.

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