Project ‘Peixes Nativos’ from Óbidos nominated for the Rio Guard 2021 award

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The Peixes Nativos Project is one of the five national projects selected by GEOTA for the Guarda-Rios 2021 Award. The Municipality of Óbidos is part of this environmental awareness and intervention project called “Preservation and Enhancement of the Aquatic Ecosystems of Óbidos”, in a partnership with Águas Atlantic Tagus and ISPA .

The five projects are now going to vote. To do so, simply access here and vote.

The River Guard Award is a GEOTA initiative that aims to raise awareness of those that have been positive and negative practices in our rivers, the “veins of the Planet”. On the one hand, the ‘good-practice kingfisher award‘ rewards behavior in the management of our rivers, as well as the involvement of communities in a perspective of future sustainability. On the other hand, ‘the mourning kingfisher award’ highlights practices that are harmful to our rivers and that urgently need to be changed.

After the nomination phase, from the 112 people and entities nominated by the public, GEOTA selected the five with the highest number of nominations for both categories. These nominees will be subject to a public vote, between July 21 and August 9, 2021, which will select the winners.

On August 23, the winners will be announced and GEOTA will award the prizes to the first classifieds during the Guarda-Rios Gala (on October 1, 2021), as well as an Honorable and Dishonorable Mention for the second place.

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