Project Replay is giving new life to toys that children no longer play with

The project goes by the name of Replay and intends to make new toys from the old ones. A way to boost the recycling of plastic from end-of-life toys and, in this way, give a more ecological response to the 30 million toys that, every year, end up in landfills or are incinerated because they are made of too different materials. There are several places in the city where these pieces can be delivered.

Because it all starts with disassembly. What the promoters of Replay ask is that parents and children come together to choose the toys that no longer enter the games and disassemble them into the various pieces that make them up. Afterwards, just drop everything off at one of the collection points.

The final step is up to product design students who will develop the concept and create an entirely new toy from the old. What cannot be used as a toy will be transformed into boxes that will be placed in playgrounds. The objective is that toys are placed in these containers in good condition in order to promote exchange between the youngest and stimulate a sense of sharing and greater interaction and community cohesion at the local level.

Anyone who wants to join the battle for recycling can deliver toy parts at Prelada’s Ecocentro, Babyboom Porto store, Ecotribu, Maçaroca Mercearia Viva, Miss’OPO or OPOLAB’s facilities.

Replay is a project developed by Zero Waste Lab and Precious Plastic Portugal.

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