Projeto Ultramarino brought together artists from the Portuguese-speaking world in Belém

The project Ultramarino – Encontros de Fred Martins brought together artists from the Portuguese-speaking world, Mário Lúcio, Joana Amendoeira, Nancy Vieira and Angelo Torres, at the Espaço Espelho D’Água, in Belém, on the 4th and 16th of July and 6th of August

On July 4th and 16th and August 6th, the Brazilian singer, composer and guitarist Fred Martins hosted the musical meetings of the Ultramarino project with Mário Lúcio, Joana Amendoeira, Nancy Vieira, and Angelo Torres, among others, at Espaço Espelho D’ Água, in Belém, at 7:30 pm, with free entry and streaming. In addition to interpreting together or individually some musical themes, Fred Martins and his guests also talked and shared their trajectories and contextualized their musical and cultural affinities.

This project aims to contribute to promoting to the public, free of charge and in a particularly pleasant environment, the diversity and Portuguese-speaking artistic quality produced in Portugal, offering original and high-level poetic and musical repertoire,” said Fred Martins. The repertoire included songs such as “14 anos”, by Paulinho da Viola; “Futuros Amantes”, by Chico Buarque, “Luz Negra”, by Nelson Cavaquinho, and songs from his most recent album, Ultramarino, such as “A Filha da Porta-Bandeira”, “Fado Crioulo” and “Zona Sul”.

The agenda included three presentations, the first on July 4th, with the participation of Mário Lúcio, one of the biggest names in the cultural scene of Cape Verde, the most internationally awarded writer in his country, being his authorship the “Manifesto a Crioulização”.

At the second Ultramarino meeting, on July 16, the African archipelago returned to the spotlight with the participation of bassist, singer, and composer Rolando Semedo and singer Nancy Vieira. The repertoire included songs such as Mimória, “Água”, “O Samba de Diz”, “Esperança de Mar Azul” and “Tu me acostumbraste”.

On the third and last meeting, on August 6, Fred Martins had Portuguese fado singer Joana Amendoeira, Galician accordionist and composer Pedro Pascual and São Toméan actor Angelo Torres and his daughter Mar to interpret “Noites de São João”, a poem by Alberto Caeiro with music by Fred Martins. Joana Amendoeira sang themes such as “Entre o Calor e o Frio”, “Viver a Mil”, among other songs from her recent album “Na Volta da Maré“, whose compositions are all the result of a partnership between Fred Martins and Tiago Torres da Silva.

I want to intrude on Fred’s lyrics, music and melody to fill the space that exists between the two shores of Africa and South America. Tomé, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde, Portugal, Galicia and Brazil”, said actor Ângelo Torres about his participation.

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