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Project Viseu City-Garden 2021

The signature of territorial marketing and tourism promotion of Viseu for 2021 is a reunion with its past and its historical identity and, simultaneously, a response to the times of the present and the near future, which restored the primacy of the values ​​of well-being, health and safety associated with natural and environmental balance.

This signature is, however, more than a signature. It embodies a robust set of 15 anchor actions and 15 complementary actions, locally based, in very different areas of activity – Environment, Culture, Heritage and Urban Rehabilitation, Mobility, Education, Sports, Tourism and Territorial Marketing – which constitute commitments the Municipality in favor of promoting the quality of life of those who live here and those who visit and invest in the territory.

Motivated by the development of Viseu’s territorial marketing and branding strategy, and a structured stimulus to the resumption of tourist demand – a structuring activity in the local economy – this action plan assumes that the construction of a “sustainable and excellent destination” its fundamental and indispensable basis is to safeguard and enhance territorial values ​​and to qualify the population’s living conditions.

It is in this perspective that this plan must be taken, assuming itself as an “open agenda” to other initiatives and actions. In addition, the commitments identified here assume a supplementary character to the competencies currently exercised by the Municipality and to investments and projects under the “VISEU FIRST” program.

In the current context of the public health crisis, the bet on the tourist valorization of local natural resources, products and events associated with nature, outdoors and safe cultural and physical activities and on emerging routes such as the 2 National Route and the Interior Portuguese Way of Santiago, where Viseu has a very relevant position and potential.

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