Project ZERO releases their new single made during quarantine

Projeto ZERO launches its first single, entitled “Gritar“, which was made during the quarantine

Almost a year after the first confinement, if there is a feeling that unites us, it is the similarity of all of us having lost something. This is precisely how ZERO is born “in a context in which we are all closed, unable to work and play. We have ZERO, we have nothing. It was this feeling that led us to choose this name” shares Pedro Vaz, mentor of this project.

A creative approach, to the circumstances we are living in, make his first single “Gritar” a theme with a direct interpretation with a very strong lyrics. According to Pedro Vaz, “the lyrics of “Gritar” was the first to appear and was made when the country closed for the first time. Suddenly I was unable to be with my parents and especially with my Mother, who was already sick at the time. That feeling of helplessness for not being able to do anything, left me trailing and was the shot left for the composition of the songs that came to compose this EP“.

Gritar” is the first single from the ZERO project and is now available on all digital platforms.

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