Projunior Aveiro vai coroar campeões sub-20 do Junior Tour

The national champions and junior surfers will be crowned from the 2nd to the 3rd of July at São Jacinto beach, in Projunior Aveiro. The most relevant titles in the sport in the phase prior to the senior career will be decided on the second and final stage of the Junior Tour, a circuit that returned in 2022 after seven years of absence.

With a provisional calendar that provided for the third stage in November, the Junior Tour was reduced to two stages, which will anticipate the decision on the national titles of the category.

Francisco Rodrigues, President of the National Surfers Association
With the proper framework in the sports agenda but also with the medium-term vision we have for the Junior Tour, the return of the competition dedicated to the best national surfers up to 20 years old, has only 2 stages in the 2022 season. Our goal was to be 3 stages, which we did not achieve, but we will now focus on the work for the following year in order to materialize our plans. It is known by all that we want to make this competitive platform grow with the same effort and commitment that were applied in the last 10 years of development of the MEO Surf League. Good luck to all surfers who will now sign up for the Projunior de Aveiro to be held on the waves of São Jacinto.

After the inaugural stage that took place in Porto and Matosinhos, the best national juniors descend to Aveiro for the stage of all decisions. Martim Nunes and Maria Salgado arrive in Aveiro at the top of the male and female rankings, respectively, and therefore at the forefront of the race for the titles.

In the first days of July, all attention will be focused on Aveiro, one of the areas with the greatest surfing culture in the center of the country and which, in this way, re-enters the map of the main national surfing events, recovering the strong tradition lived in the region in the years 90. Projunior Aveiro is a stage organized in partnership between the Municipality of Aveiro and the National Association of Surfers.

Projunior Aveiro’s action can be followed through the live scores system at

The 2nd and final stage of the Junior Tour is organized by the National Association of Surfers and Fire!, in partnership with the Aveiro City Council, the local support of the Centro de Alto Rendimento de Surf São Jacinto, and the technical support of Sports and Cultural Association of São Jacinto and the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

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