Prosegur partners with Microsoft to innovate customer protection

Prosegur and Microsoft formed a long-term alliance with the objective of transforming security and cybersecurity activities through the incorporation of technology and the joint development of new solutions.

The agreement will allow Prosegur to place its portfolio of products and services at the technological forefront of the security sector, thanks to the work that both organizations will carry out in the areas of digital transformation and co-innovation.

Acceleration of digital transformation programs

Initially, the alliance between the two entities will focus on accelerating the digital transformation programs in which Prosegur is present. The Company already uses Microsoft cybersecurity and collaboration applications for its thousands of employees, working intensively on its transformation program since 2018. In this new phase, Prosegur will add the Microsoft Azure platform and corresponding Artificial Intelligence resources.

Prosegur wants to accelerate process automation, increase its connectivity, gain flexibility, optimize operations, and, finally, achieve a more productive structure. Always with the maximum guarantees in terms of security, information privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Co-innovation and new services

Parallel to the acceleration of digital transformation programs, the alliance will establish working groups with the objective of promoting Prosegur’s current products and developing new services.

In this sense, automation and intelligent analysis in the cloud or in different cognitive services based on Artificial Intelligence represent a unique opportunity for the launch of innovative security and cybersecurity systems.

These new proposals, which will be combined with Prosegur’s physical surveillance capabilities, represent a strategic axis of transformation in the provision of services to customers, both business and residential. Furthermore, as a result of these innovation initiatives, a new intellectual property will be created based on a totally differentiated value proposition.

Cipher, Prosegur’s cybersecurity unit, will become a reference institution in matters of corporate governance, risks and regulatory compliance, at a time when the protection of user data and regulatory compliance aspects have acquired great relevance.

Prosegur Security, Prosegur’s surveillance and technology unit, currently provides physical security services for Microsoft and both parties want to deepen collaboration in this area.

Training as a foundation for transformation

Finally, the project includes an intense field work of formation and cultural transformation. To this end, initiatives will be developed – in addition to the training programs in which Prosegur is already integrated – to promote technological training and knowledge about artificial intelligence among employees of the security company.

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