Pro(u)d celebrates six years and new client

  • Production consultant pro(u)d solutions celebrates 6th anniversary
  • Continente joins the portfolio of the company led by Joana and Tareca

Completing 6 years of existence in the national market, the production consultant pro(u)d has many reasons to celebrate.

Operating in the market since 2016, the duo Joana Leitão and Tareca Machado conquered a prominent place in the area of ​​audiovisual production consultancy.

The decision to create pro(u)d arose as a natural consequence of the vast experience and knowledge of the market they had, after both having gone through another consultant, they say that “we could do more and better in monitoring the production processes. Our main objective was to continue operating in the area, but under our identity and that has been our focus over these 6 years.

Making production processes more transparent, optimizing resources – human and financial -, and monitoring more effectively, both with customers and producers. Its way of being in the market is guided, above all, by empathy and by creating relationships of trust with those who manage the brands. They operate in a delicate ecosystem that involves clients, agencies, producers, and directors where the success of production plays a fundamental role.

The founders of pro(u)d enjoy this challenge of creating balances that do not translate “only” into managing numbers. On the contrary, they work in an almost counter-current where they see customers as partners, they believe in working together to find the best solutions for each project where everyone wins.

As they say, “our goal is to find the best solution for each project, find the balance between all the vectors of each one and find the best price-quality ratio for each of our partners and projects.

Celebrating 6 years of activity, they have a portfolio of regular and important customers that includes McDonalds Portugal, Sociedade Central de Cervejas, Ikea Portugal, Worten, Wells, Nobre, Tranquilidade, among others, and to which a new customer has just joined, at a time that Joana and Tareca define as a “game-changingin the life – and growth – of pro(u)d.


And in birthday month a new customer. Continente, the largest advertiser in the country, is pro(u)d!
Joana and Tareca feel the weight of responsibility, but they are also extremely proud of this choice: “among the competition, Continente saw in the pro(u)d an added value of our experience, in the set of brands we work with, allied to the values that we defend and to a particular posture in the way of working.

Already at cruising speed, the last pro(u)d solutions “subscription campaign for Continente was launched in mid-June. A campaign focused on the Continente Card APP where pro(u)d played an executive producer role. For this campaign, 4 producers presented themselves and the one selected was el-Hey, with director Miguel Coimbra.

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