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Jason Wingard’s next film ‘Fado!’ joins Emily Watson and Richard Grant in Lisbon

The film, still in the project stage, should be presented by Protagonist Pictures, in the Cannes film market (Marche du Film), taking place from June 21 to 25, according to several international titles, specialized in spectacle, such as Variety and Dateline, as well as the IMdB platform, Internet cinema database.

‘Fado!’ follows the character Linda, played by Emily Watson, a mother of the family, also a singer and crossword puzzle aficionado, and her husband, Jim, a music teacher played by Grant, on the eve of celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, with a trip to Lisbon.

‘Fado!’ allows the first meeting of Watson and Grant, in the same film, after ‘Gosford Park’, by Robert Altman, which was awarded the Oscar for Best Screenplay, in 2001.

In addition to Lisbon, according to pre-production information, the film should be shot in Wolverhampton, UK.

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