Public display Poster fills Marvila with art and wants to reach other places

Three dozen posters, written by artists from various areas, are scattered around the streets of Marvila, in Lisbon, under the public poster art poster, which the organization wants to take to other cities.

The portrait of one of the people affected by last year’s fire in Pedrógão Grande, words, illustrations and a protest against the exploitation of oil in the Algarve are some of the themes of the 30 posters that make up the 3rd edition of the Poster.

The inauguration is scheduled for Saturday, “although as an open-air gallery has been inaugurated since [Thursday]”, when the organization placed the posters on the streets of Marvila, a zone that hosts the initiative for the third time.

The poster came from a desire to “show things to people,” using a “format that has existed since the 19th century,” to “communicate with the city and the place,” said Bruno Pereira, director of the Department, today in statements to Lusa, during a guided tour for the press.

“The poster is, perhaps, the freest graphic piece in the world. You can do it in your home, stick it on a wall and you’re communicating.” More and more direct communication than any social network. these streets over a month, “he said.

Marvila was chosen because it is a “zone of the city a little abandoned”, but that “little by little, fortunately, it is being inhabited”.

“This emptiness gives us the possibility of having posters on walls with nothing else around. This is a giant screen to observe, leave time for contemplation,” he said, adding another aspect that he considers important: “People [living in Marvila ] have also taken the Poster as theirs. ”

Leaving Marvila will be difficult, since Bruno is “in love” with this area of ​​the city, but there are plans to take the Poster to other places.

“We would like to go to other cities in the country,” he said, referring to the fact that they would have to be “the same people” in Marvila.

“Less obvious” places, where people go to see the shows, but “discover new things and other things”.

The list of guests in this edition includes personalities related to the area, such as designer Filippo Fiumani, illustrator and graphic designer Lord Mantraste, photographer Vera Marmelo, Silva Designers studio, illustrator and director André Ruivo, visual artist Gonçalo MAR or photojournalist Adriano Miranda, but also others “less obvious”, such as the poet Paula Cortes, the band Dead Combo or the singer and songwriter Surma.

“We are always going to look for musicians, we challenge people who are not in the area, we also want to challenge other people to make posters,” said Bruno Pereira.

Because the poster is a “format that anyone can do, put on the wall and communicate with the world,” the organization opened an open call from which ten posters were chosen, joining the 20 created by the guests of this edition.

On Saturday at 3:00 p.m., there will be a “walking tour through the walls [open to the public and free] in the company of the artists”.

At 4:00 p.m., the “Mini Poster” exhibitions will be inaugurated in the ALL cultural space, with works by the children of the Work of the Ardina and the Associação Sol, the result of a risography workshop with Luís Alegre and Lord Mantraste. “Open Call”, where will be exposed the about 90 works of this year’s open call, which did not reach the walls of Marvila.

On that day, between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., the Poster shop will be open, at No. 24 of Pereira Henriques Street, where posters of the three editions of the public art show will be on sale, such as “pieces of partner brands “initiative.

The inauguration of the Poster takes place between 19:00 and 21:00, in the Modern Factory, with “sound selection by Isaac Ace”.

The Poster show, a project of the Department, “culture amplifier, curating and developing projects for brands, sponsors, patrons, public and private entities,” will be visible in the streets of Marvila until October 29.

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