PULSArte promotes inclusion through culture in Barcelos

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As part of the “Culture for all in an inclusive educating city” project, “PULSArte” is created, a program that integrates a set of artistic projects, with a view to promoting a sense of belonging and developing skills and sensibilities together with disadvantaged communities, through contact with professionals in the artistic fields. This contact will be developed through music, theater, painting and sculpture workshops, which will contribute to expanding the cultural and artistic heritage of the Barcelos community.

PULSArte” is divided into two parts: one to be developed with children and young people at the Casa do Menino Deus shelter and the other with the Roma community.

Together with the children and young people of the shelter, the artistic residency “Construction of sound sculptures: ‘stranhophones’” will be created, which will compile plastic arts and performance choreographies workshops. The project also has field sessions for sound recordings in nature, the preparation, and realization of a performance and exhibition of “strangerphones”.

The concept of “strangerphones” was developed by musician Samuel Martins Coelho and set designer César Estrela and is associated with “marginal sounds” and other noises to which one does not pay much attention. The workshops will take place between the 2nd and 5th of August, with the first sessions.

In this project, through cultural and artistic stimulation, the trainers will seek to develop in children and young people the curiosity for the sound of their surroundings.

As for the aspect to be carried out with the Roma community, this will take place over two days. In the studio, percussion instruments will be built with materials for daily use, rhythmic patterns will be created and a spectacle will be made to present the results.

The project “Culture for all in an inclusive educating city” consists of a vast program of cultural activities to be developed throughout the Municipality, with a particular focus on the active participation of people with less easy access to culture and at greater risk of social exclusion, promoting, in this way, its inclusion. The project has a financing of €392,656.00 and is part of the notice “Nor-te-30-2019-34 – Culture for all”, placed by the PDCT (Pact for Development and Territorial Cohesion) and managed by CIM Cávado.

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