Pure Piraña is ready to ‘dive’ into the Portuguese market

The Central Society of Beers and Beverages launches this month on the Portuguese market – after a successful launch by the HEINEKEN Group in Mexico and New Zealand, in the last quarter of 2020 – its global hard seltzers brand, Pure Piraña, which is ready to freshen up next summer.

Portugal and Austria will be the first markets in Europe to launch this new product and work in the category, in response to the growing demand for this trend, to which Ireland, Holland, Spain, and the United Kingdom will join this year. United.

With only 92Kcal and 2grs/sugar per can (330ml) and made with totally natural flavors, this new drink is aimed at a modern generation of consumers increasingly aware of their consumption and lifestyle habits, positioning themselves as a healthy alternative to sweet alcoholic beverages. Like its namesake, Pure Piraña stands out as a social animal with an enthusiasm for life, making it perfect for young adults, who ‘swim against the current’ to seek change.

“It is with pride that we introduced Pure Piraña in Portugal, after the launch, by the HEINEKEN Group, of the brand with promising results in New Zealand and Mexico in 2020. Consumer demand for natural, fruity but not alcoholic beverage options sweets is on the rise, so we’re excited to share with consumers a new and refreshing product that adapts to their lifestyle choices,” said Maria Oliveira, Marketing Director at SCC.

Pure Piraña will be available, initially, in some stores of large distribution – a result of the limitations of the current context -, aiming to reach all channels in the market even before the summer. In Portugal, consumers can enjoy this refreshing hard seltzer in two flavors, lemon and red fruits, knowing that it is naturally vegan-friendly, gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, sugar and calories.

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