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PZ publishes the album O Fim do Mundo em Cuecas

Presentation Concerts

  • 01.03 – Maus Hábitos, Porto
  • 15.03 – Lux, Lisbon

O Fim do Mundo em Cuecas is an epic tragicomedy of modern times and represents PZ’s 7th album.

More than a new stage, O Fim do Mundo em Cuecas represents a culmination of PZ’s pyjama career, covering everyday themes, inner (and outer) struggles, and everything else that surrounds us. 20 songs with themes ranging from the simplest, but powerful, “Pu” to the enigmatic “Domínio Total”. There are trips to “Setúbal”, a version of the traditional “Indo Eu a Caminho de Viseu”, a “Estrada de Lágrimas”, an “Viela”… chronicles of a Portuguese person living in these new Roaring 20s.

In line with PZ’s previous albums, in O Fim do Mundo em Cuecas the electronics continue to set the tone, but this time sprinkled with guitars, drums and the usual midnight laughter. There is, however, a certain darker atmosphere in this work that reflects the current moment thought and ironized in PZ’s way.

In the end, this is the album that encapsulates the expression like no other: With PZ, you’re the one who wins!

Fim do Mundo em Cuecas is now available at Meifushop, on the main digital platforms, and on the musician’s new website at Very soon, it will also be available in the most intimate format ever in the history of music publishing: underwear with a QR Code to download the album.

About PZ

Hello, everything is fine? All set? I’m PZ, short for Paulo Zé.

I’ve been making music since I was 16 and I released my first album as PZ in 2005 called “Anticorpos”. Then, it was only in 2012 that I definitively launched my pyjama career with the album “Rude Sofisticado” which contained “Croquetes”, “Sem Ponta Por Onde se Pega”, “Passeio” and “O Quem me Vale És Tu”. In 2013, I released the single “Cara de Chewbacca” with dB (a.k.a. David Bruno) who produced the instrumental for this song that became an unexpected phenomenon and has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

In 2015, I stayed with “Neura” and released the album “Mensagens da Nave-Mãe” which contained songs like the one already mentioned, “Bestas” and “Nada Mais”. On the “Tour da Nave-Mãe” I went to stages such as Super Bock Super Rock, D’Bandada, Serralves em Festa, Noites Ritual among many others with Banda Pijama who has been with me since then. In 2017, I launched “Império Auto-Mano” with songs like “Olá”, “Mais” or “Zona Zombie”, and played with Banda Pijama at Super Bock Em Stock and went to the main Summer Festivals as an ambassador at Fnac Portugal where he walked through the audience in his pyjamas.

Meanwhile, the #nuncacaba concerts began at Musicbox Lisboa during the performance of “Império Auto-Mano” with the room sold out. These concerts are already in their 5th edition and take place around Christmas. Then, in 2018, I was invited to participate in the RTP Lab mini-series “Menos Um” both to make songs and to participate in it as PZ, which was the character that the main protagonist hallucinated on stage. These and other songs ended up on my 5th album of originals, “Do Outro Lado”, with singles like “Banano” and “Realidade Paralela”.

With Banda Pijama I continued to step on various stages in this country until at some point the Pandemic that ravaged the world in 2020 came. But I didn’t stop and made another confined album, “Selfie-Destruction” with singles like “Em Paz na Minha War” and “Incompatibilities”. At that time, I was also invited by RTP to participate in the 2021 Song Festival and I took advantage of the moment to present a new project I had in the pipeline called O Vampiro Submarino. I took off my pyjamas, put on a cloud suit and off I went to sing the song “Ao Lado de Mim”. In 2023, I released “Tempo Para Nada”, the debut album by O Vampiro Submarino on Vinyl and performed it live at Casa da Música in Porto and in Lisbon at Titanic Sur Mer and Outjazz.

Meanwhile, I had a productive surge that began to crystallize into another PZ album, this time the theme is “O Fim do Mundo em Cuecas” from which I released 2 advance singles, “Pu” and “Indo Eu”.

See you at the End of the World… in your underwear. With PZ, you’re the one who wins.

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