Queijaria do Paúl renews its image and strengthens its presence in digital

With more than 30 years of tradition, Queijaria do Paúl invests in the modernization of its image and in new sales channels to face the pandemic, reinforcing its presence in the digital.

Located in Serra da Estrela, Queijaria do Paúl produces genuine semi-artisanal cheeses, now available for ordering online, through social networks, with deliveries via CTT Expresso to the entire mainland.

The state of emergency and general confinement led to the closure of numerous restaurants and grocery stores and a decrease in cheese sales. To face this new scenario, Queijaria do Paúl decided to invest in its digital sales platforms and modernize its image.

“Queijaria do Paúl has remained resilient for a year, in an effort to overcome and resist. Tourists stopped visiting Serra da Estrela and many businesses that sold our products closed due to the pandemic. For this reason, Queijaria do Paúl decided to renew its image and expand its market through online sales” explains José Pedro Carneiro, manager of Queijaria do Paúl.

The Queijaria do Paúl Cured Sheep Cheese is produced respecting the most rigorous standards of hygiene and quality, the milk of its own production being made at Quinta do Casal de Santa Margarida, on the southern slope of Serra da Estrela in the parish of Paúl, Covilhã, where herds graze peacefully.

Depending on the conduction of the manufacturing process and its maturation, the cheese becomes buttery or denser. It is a smooth and refined cheese with a malleable crust, exuding an unmistakable aroma and taste.

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