Who is Nemo? the winner of Eurovision in Malmö

Switzerland was the winning country of the competition this year with the song “The Code”

Last Saturday, May 11th, the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö, Sweden.

Under the gaze of the Swedish royal family, Nemo managed to claim Switzerland’s victory with a sensational rendition of the song “The Code”. The performance video is #1 on YouTube trends in Portugal and many other territories including the United Kingdom.

Nemo was already one of the favourites of betting houses and agencies before the contest, as well as many Eurovision experts. Even the other participating artists were enthusiastic about the song and Nemo’s extravagant and energetic performance. With his sensational costume and impressive voice, which surprisingly turns into an exciting rap, Nemo was frantically celebrated by the public from the first second.

With the winning song, this exceptionally talented non-binary person has written a fascinating and very personal musical masterpiece that combines rap, drum ‘n’ bass and opera. “The Code” is reminiscent of Queen’s masterpiece, “Bohemian Rapsody.” The song is more than just music – it’s a coming-of-age narrative that celebrates self-love and encourages people to embrace their life path. Nemo also felt that, as a queer person, it was important to advocate for the entire LGBTQIA+ community through his performance.

Felix Jaehn, a famous DJ, also identifies as non-binary. Their similar paths brought Felix Jaehn and Nemo together musically. Felix Jaehn created a perfect remix of “The Code” for Nemo before the final. Felix Jaehn’s exciting remix will leave no wishful thinking on the dance floor! Felix Jaehn is one of the most successful and multifaceted EDM and dance music producers, with over 10 billion streams worldwide and countless awards.

Leonard Prasuhn (general manager of Better Now Records and senior director of A&R Electrola) says: “We are thrilled and can’t believe our luck. Queride Nemo, with your unique musical vision and tireless commitment to diversity and tolerance, you haven’t made it rich just Europe on a musical level, but you also set a strong example of acceptance and inclusion. Your success in Malmö is unique and proof that true art knows no borders. Congratulations on this unique performance.

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