Quercus photo contest aims to stimulate nature conservation

Quercus presented in Vila Real the fifth edition of the national photography contest that aims to promote the conservation of nature, allocates 4,000 euros in prizes and runs until December 31.

It is a contest that aims, through objective, lenses, to help preserve nature and share the wonder of our biodiversity, fauna, flora and marine life, “said the president of the jury, Nuno Silva.

The initiative is open to all and can be submitted “photographs taken from the mobile phone to the most professional machine”.

“It’s a contest from the eighties to the eighties. We have to make sure that photography is a natural one and that we have to continue to preserve what is ours,” said the jury president.

The national photography contest “Quercus BMW i” is divided into four categories: Fauna, Flora, Marine Life and the Instagram BMW i.

The competition for the first three categories is already open and for the fourth, the photographs can be submitted from November 14.

Nuno Silva said that the category Instagram was launched last year and received, in the first edition, more than 1,000 photographs, proving “a success.”

He also highlighted the Marine Life category which, he explained, represents “Quercus’s willingness to draw attention to the importance of water and to keep the seas and rivers clean.”

Submission of the photographs to the contest can be made until December 31, and the winners will be revealed in February.

Nuno Silva also said that he believes that this initiative “is, in fact, contributing to a greater awareness for the conversation of nature and the preservation of the environment.”

“People are more careful to send us messages through the photographs,” he said.

In the evaluation of the photographs are taken into account “technical criteria”, but also “the message that the author wants to convey”.

In total, more than 4,000 euros will be awarded in prizes for the winners of the different categories and an electric bicycle as prize of the Instagram contest.

In the four editions already held the contest received more than 10,000 photographs and awarded around 20,000 euros in prizes.

Nuno Silva is from Vila Real and is a photographer of nature, with a special passion for birds.

Through this region was building shelters where he spends long hours. One of its special places is in Ínsua, at the confluence between the rivers Corgo and Cabril.

“It is a magical place, not only because of the images we have been able to capture, not only because of the vast fauna and flora that it has, but also because of the escape it provides to the hectic life that is every day.”

This is one of the favorite places of the guardians (bird) and also of otters.

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