Quinta da Ribafria hosts the 16th Meeting of Alternatives in Sintra

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“Tempo de Agir” is the motto for the 16th Meeting of Alternatives in Sintra, which takes place from October 1st to 3rd, at Quinta da Ribafria, with free entry.

After the cancellation of the event in 2020, the Meeting of Alternatives in Sintra returns this year, continuing to bring together arts, wisdom, people, and experiences. The theme for this 16th edition – “Time to Act” – reflects on the need to learn from everything that has happened since the outbreak of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. It was time to stop, listen, feel and look, and now it is time to restructure.

This initiative aims to raise awareness of projects in a variety of areas (health, food, sustainability, among others), promoting a change in lifestyle habits, broadening horizons, touching hearts, transforming perception towards a more conscious, participative life practice, connected with nature and what we are.

The dynamic and comprehensive program, in various areas such as awareness and social development, biological products, vegetarian food, and renewable energies, presented through workshops, workshops, documentaries, lectures, therapies, practical classes, and animations.

The Meeting of Alternatives in Sintra is held by Voando em Cynthia, Cultural Association, with the support of the Municipality of Sintra and the Cultursintra Foundation.

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