Quinta do Tamariz launches first brand of green wine with 40 years

According to official records, this will be the oldest wine spirit in the Vinhos Verdes region to be bottled and made available to the market, the result of a work that began to be developed in 1951.

The long history of Quinta do Tamariz, a family producer located in Barcelos, in the Cávado sub-region, begins to be told at the end of the century. XIX, when António Nunes Borges, a banker in love with the land, decided to expand his activity for the export of wine. A few years later, as early as 1926, at the hands of her daughter, Lúcia Borges Vinagre, who received the Quinta de Barcelos as a wedding gift, the project took on a new shape, and there was a strong wine development that culminated in one of the first traffic jams throughout the demarcated region.

Always with an active role in promoting Vinhos Verdes as a region of excellence for the production of high-quality wines with enormous potential for aging, Quinta do Tamariz has in its philosophy a deep respect for the raw material, always with the motto ‘ more physical and less chemical ‘. Perhaps for this reason, it is today a large collection of wines that defy time and testify to its passage.

Using only grapes of their own, which they select manually in the vineyard, Quinta do Tamariz wines preserve the essence of the region’s terroir, which is guided by the pleasant freshness and complexity of the aromas. Winemaking and bottling are meticulously done not only to preserve the original flavors but also to enhance their aging ability. Each bottle is then assigned an identification number, which allows the consumer to access any information about this harvest in an honest and transparent manner.

At its base are some of the noblest grape varieties in the region – Loureiro, Arinto and Alvarinho – that serve as a recipe for the creativity of winemakers Jorge Sousa Pinto and Maria Francisca Vinagre. Maria Francisca, together with her husband, António Borges Vinagre, the current representative of the fourth generation of the family linked to the project, are responsible for the continuation of an honorable legacy of more than 90 years of quality wine production, now relaunching with a new image and positioning.

The new Quinta do Tamariz 40-year-old brandy, the result of a work that began to be done more than half a century ago, was the first bottling in 1951. Since then, the family has kept a generous stock of wine spirits from Vinho Verde, some of them with more than 60 years of training in French oak limousin. Assuming itself as a true product of the house’s charm, it comes to the market in an elegant and sophisticated package, ideal for collectors.

To this launch, the new harvests of the house wines are added, with a totally renewed image that recovers the origins of Quinta do Tamariz. In addition to two sparkling wines – Tamariz Bruto Rosé Sparkling and Bruto White Sparkling Arinto – new harvests will be launched at Quinta do Tamariz Alvarinho Reserva 2017, a monovarietal that confirms the reputation and pioneerism of the producer, Quinta do Tamariz Superior 2017 and Quinta do Tamariz Grande Reserve 2017.

In common, these wines share the complexity, the structure and the timelessness, since they promise a long life in any cellar. The distribution is exclusive to OnWine National.

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