R2 Design wins Book Design Award

The book, edited by André Tavares, brings together the texts and publications of the architect Diogo Seixas Lopes that were dispersed by different supports and means, and that deal with various themes, of punk rock music to cinema, from art to architecture.

R2 Design was founded in 1995, in Porto, by Lizá Defossez Ramalho and Artur Rebelo, works in the areas of design for architecture, contemporary art and theater, having been distinguished in 2014 as the best European design studio.

In this third edition of the Book Design Award, honorable mentions were also attributed to Joana Durães, for the design of ‘Ce qu’il reste’, and to Atelier Carvalho Bernau, for the design of ‘Irma Blank’.

The jury included Sílvia Prudêncio, Miguel Wandschneider, Rui Costa and Rui Silva.

According to DGLAB, within the scope of this award, 17 books were also selected to participate in the international award ‘Best Book Design All Over the World’, by the German foundation Stiftung Buchkunst.

Among the 17 selected books are ‘Tomorrow there is no art’ with design by Márcia Novais, ‘Post Millennium – Critical essays on contemporary tensions – We would prefer not to – Resistance & Resilience (vol. 3)’, with esad-idea design , research in design and art.

Also chosen were ‘Building views on Alvar Aalto’, with design by Ana Resende and João Novais, ‘Collage / courage – on hand awareness’, with studio island design, ‘Fiction Practice’, with design by Joana Pestana and Max Ryan, ‘When someone died they just asked: did you have passion?’, With design by Isabel Duarte, ‘Frontiere, expressions of contemporary design’, with design by Degrau, and ‘Restless pages: about insubmissible documents’, with design by Sofia Gonçalves.

There is also ‘Steve Paxton’, with design by Sofia Gonçalves, ‘The image of the word / L’image de la parole’, with design by Pedro Nora, ‘Acéfalanterna’, with design by Studio Maria João Macedo, ‘Lixo de Pinho’, with design by Studio Maria João Macedo, ‘Elephant’, with design by André Príncipe, ‘environments’, with design by Nuno da Luz,’ Artur Jafa. A series of absolutely improbable, yet extraordinary ‘features, designed by ATLAS projects.

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