Rádio Comercial launches new company on the streets of Lisbon and Porto

Rádio Comercial has just launched a new campaign that will be on buses in the cities of Lisbon and Porto, for the next 15 days: “More Together Than Ever”

They are simply inspiring messages and images at this time of confinement and especially for those who have to circulate and walk on the street in “Tempo de Ficar em Casa”.

They reinforce that, even when isolated from each other, we are closer than ever.

“We want to adapt our communication to the situation the country is experiencing, sending a message of unity among all, to combat a problem that belongs to everyone”, explains Manuel Simões de Almeida, Marketing Director.

“It is time for us to be more together than ever and also support the other media that have always been with Rádio Comercial and, in difficult times, we want to reinforce these alliances and maintain the advertising commitments that we have always respected”, adds the Marketing Director.

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