Radio Comercial postpones “Porto in The Night”

Radio Comercial’s “Porto in The Night” show is postponed to September.

Due to the Contingency Period that we are experiencing, due to Covid_19, Rádio Comercial announces the postponement of the two nights of our show Porto in The Night Symphonic, scheduled for the 24th and 25th of April.

Radio Comercial and the Lisbon Film Orchestra will have an appointment, on the stage of the Super Bock Arena, Pavilhão Rosa Mota on 18th and 19th September.

Tickets purchased for the April 24th session are valid for the September 18th session and tickets for the April 25th session are valid for September 19th.

In this exclusive concert, Vasco Palmeirim, Pedro Ribeiro, Vera Fernandes, Nuno Markl and Elsa Teixeira take the stage with the songs from the most heard radio program in the country and the grandeur of the Lisbon Film Orchestra.

A show where the daily dynamics of the most heard radio program in the country is transported to the stage with the songs of the morning of Comercial, unpublished guests and the special performance of the symphony orchestra Lisbon Film Orchestra, represented by fifty elements.

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