Rádio Estação installed in the Biblioteca Popular de Pedro Ivo until the end of August

Rádio Estação, a project by the Museu da Cidade, is installed in the Popular Library of Pedro Ivo (in Jardim do Marquês), in Porto, until the end of August.

After the debut of the new space, and after the passage of projects promoted by the Municipal Theater of Porto and the European project Moving Boarders, Rádio Estação returns to the site for a month to make a recording that remains “listening to voices and memories of the city”.

Every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, an element of Rádio Estação will be listening, recording and recording the echoes and memories of the city of those who pass by. This is an invitation open to all passersby and visitors, an invitation to enter, chat and share the memory they have of the city and its characteristics.

Access is free, just enter and feel free to chat and share your memories.

The Rádio Estação will remain in the Library until the 20th of August when it will be activated again in the Crystal Palace Gardens for the edition of the 2021 Book Fair.

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