Radios broadcast instrumental by Max Richter

“Five years ago I wrote ‘Sleep’ as an invitation to take a break from our busy lives. Now we face an unexpected and unwanted stop. It is not easy to adapt to this new normality, which daily brings anxiety and suffering”, says Max Richter on the official page.

For this reason, the musician has partnered with 17 radio stations, which are part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and other stations in the United States, Canada and New Zealand, for a collective broadcast of that composition during the Easter weekend.

Thus, the instrumental composition will be transmitted during the night and early morning, between Saturday and Monday, thus coinciding with the listeners’ sleep time, on radios such as BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom), RAI Radio 3 (Italy) ), France Musique (France) or LRT Klasika (Lithuania).

The recording that will be broadcast on radio stations was made in 2015 for the BBC, with Max Richter (piano, synthesizers) accompanied by a small ‘ensemble’, with soprano Gace Davidson and instrumentalists Natália Bonner, Stebe Morris (violin), Reiad Chibah (viola), Ian Burdge and Chris Worsey (cello).

Holland, Spain, Denmark and Belgium are other countries that will transmit the composition.

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