Rafa admits negotiations to renew with Benfica

Middlefieldder wants to stay in the Light, but … “nobody lives without money,” said António Araújo.

António Araújo confirmed this Monday in statements to Radio Renascença that he is already in contact with Benfica in view of the renewal of Rafa, whose current contract ends in June 2021.

The agent of the Portuguese international says that the initiative came from the leaders of the club of Luz, but he foresees that it will be necessary to carry out a salary increase so that both parties can reach an agreement.

“We’re already talking. The Benfica knows the will of the player and the part of them of the continuity of the negotiations. Rafa wants to continue this journey and achieve the goals of the team, but of course nobody lives without money and the player wants to see his situation improved, “he said.

“We’ve already sat down more than once and now it’s waiting, because it was Benfica who contacted us, it was not us who went to talk to Benfica,” added the businessman, who underlined that Rafa is “calm” with the situation.

“You were given the opportunities and he corresponded. Many times a player needs the confidence to feel like a player. He was never disbelieving about his future, but sometimes sad for the lack of confidence that was going on, which was not good for him, “he concluded.

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