Rafa Martini releases new single ‘Sara’

‘Sara’ is the second single in Portuguese from Rafa Martini (the first was ‘Tchilla’).

And yes, this really is a song about a girl, as the musician explains to us “It’s a song I wrote for a girl, whether that girl is called Sara or not, that’s the question. It’s about a love that always comes after the summer, after the holidays, and all the free time, it’s about feeling too much and too fast so that I come to question whether I would be healthy or normal. It’s a hymn to love at first sight mixed with a little anger at not showing up earlier”.

Returning to the theme of love and summer, the video that accompanies ‘Sara‘ describes a future happy, relaxed relationship of passion at first sight, as Rafa Martini tells us “Summer is my favorite season, that’s when I was born and that’s where I feel more myself, this chorus and the whole vibe of the song is like I’ve told friends, if I were a chorus, this would be it. It’s where I best convey my confidence and energy. I was super happy with the video we recorded, it transmits the energy of the music very well”.

Interestingly, the recording took place in a university town “We chose to record in Coimbra because it is a young city full of history”, concludes Rafa Martini.

As we wrote a few lines above, ‘Sara’ is Rafa Martini’s second single in Portuguese, after having started singing in English in the music. We asked the musician if the singing in Portuguese is to continue. Immediately, we had the answer “Yes, it is definitely in Portuguese that I want to establish myself, I started in English as a matter of habit and references, at the time I only consumed English music, but with the help of my StreamU family I worked on my composition in Portuguese and I fell in love with the idea of bringing my references here to Portugal.”

Sara is now available on digital platforms.

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