Rafa scores two goals and gives Benfica victory

Rafa, who returned to the games after stopping by injury, jumped off the bench and scored Benfica’s two goals after 80 minutes.

Benfica started strong in the game, just after 2 minutes Ilori prevented Cervi from opening the scoring, and soon afterwards it was Carlos Vinícius to deliver a powerful shot that almost opened the scoring.

Sporting, however, reacted positively, and Camacho, in the 13th minute, made a pass to Bruno Fernandes who isolatedly shot Odysseas’ post.

Dangerous throws followed each other, and Sporting even scored for Luiz Phellype, but the move was cancelled out by offside of the Sporting player. Before the break, Bolasie’s new opportunity denied by Odysseas, assisted by Bruno Fernandes.

The second part started with the negative side of the cheerleaders and fans, torches are thrown onto the field, the game had to be interrupted for 5 minutes, and even after restarting the game it had a slower tempo due to poor visibility.

The game lost speed, quality and there were few moments of good football in the second half, Bruno Lage, on 74 minutes, made the first change, replaced Chiquinho with Rafa Silva, and ended up changing the luck of the game in favour of Benfica, the Portuguese player in six minutes of the game scored the first goal of the derby.

In the middle of a great confusion in the great Sporting area, and Carlos Vinícius insisted, Rafa Silva shot and scored. However, it was still necessary to wait 4 minutes for VAR to confirm the goal. If Sporting lost ambition with the goal, Benfica won the desire to expand the result, which would happen soon afterwards again by Rafa, now the pass by Seferovic.

Thus, Benfica has 48 points, seven more than Porto, who was surprised by Braga at home, while Sporting now has 19 points less than the leader, and sees Braga at a distance of 2 points in the fifth position of the table.

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