RAFMAN – Wayside and the sunny side of our lives

In these gray and rainy days, we think even more in the days of Sun, beach, and summer. In anticipation of the summer time this weekend, the new single by Portuguese artist RAFMAN, Wayside, will arrive on May 10th.

Wayside had smelled, smelled of summer and beach and days of laziness in the sun. As it does not have, we will have to be us when we listen to it, to be transported to that environment. Fortunately, we always have digital platforms where the theme is available, as well as the radios to help us!

RAFMAN began in the best way his career as an artist with the theme My Life designed in partnership with DJ Mastiksoul. At a glance, RAFMAN has released new songs like the single Home and Everything in a new partnership, this time with DJ David Hopperman.

The next single Desert earned him airplay on national and international radios, paving the way for shows in various parts of the world.

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