Rainbow Awards

Studio Time Out, Cais do Sodré
Saturday 12 January 2019

The forecasts for the beginning of the year always rain. At least rainbow prizes. For the 16th time, ILGA Portugal distinguishes several personalities and institutions that have stood out throughout the year in the fight against discrimination of LGBTI people and delivers the trophies, created by the plastic artist Vasco Araújo, in a ceremony on Saturday at the Time Out Studio in Time Out Market.

Rita Ferro Rodrigues, one habituée in the presentation, joins one of the winners of 2017, for the “coming out public”, Rui Maria Pêgo. This year, Ana Aresta, vice president of ILGA, highlights the award achieved by RTP.

“We feel that at a complex time when it comes to journalism and information and public services, we want to highlight the work that [RTP] did in 2018 by giving visibility to LGBTI people and by promoting content created and represented by LGBTI people. ”

The AMPLOS – Association of Mothers and Fathers for Freedom of Sexual Orientation awarded a prize to Jorge Pelicano for the first time for his documentary Until Porno Separates us, which tells the story of Fostter Riviera, the first internationally awarded gay porn actor, and of his mother, Eulalia, 65, conservative and Catholic.

APAV’s #respectbattles campaign will be another of the award winners – and may even lead to a surprise in the intervals between the awards. “It involved several hip-hop figures who subverted the original concept associated with rap battles and turned it into a discourse of rapprochement and hate speech.”

Carolina Reis, an Expresso journalist, will also receive a prize for addressing “the many challenges still posed to gender equality, and in particular the rights of women and LGBTI people.”

The coming outs of the couple Gabriela Sobral and Inês Herédia, the Olympic athlete Célio Dias, the deputy Sandra Cunha and the vice president of the CDS Adolfo Mesquita Nunes also earned them a distinction. “There is always one coming out a year and sometimes it was difficult to reward because they did not exist,” says Ana Aresta. “This year we have an extended prize, with many exits from the cabinet of public figures.”

The ex aequo network – an association of LGBTI youth and supporters awarded their prize to PS, BE, PCP, PEV, PAN and Ms. Teresa Leal Coelho for the “recognition of the right to self-determination of gender identity and expression, that insufficiently, to children and young people [from the age of 16 it is possible to change name and sex] “.

In the last edition of the awards, Studio Time Out has filled and this year also expected a full house. The ceremony features a DJ set by Sexylia (Cecília Henriques), with the CoLeGaS – Lesbian Choir, Gay and Sympathetic from ILGA Portugal and with a performance by Surma.

After that, there’s an after-party with DJs Candy Fur and Bill Onair, Candy On Air, which lasts until four in the morning. Admission is free for those who are already in the ceremony, those who arrive later will have to pay 6 euros.

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