Queens of AutoEngano live with the show “Gota na Galáxia”

The Rainhas do AutoEngano project presents the show “Gota na Galáxia” on the 1st of June at the Centro Cultural de Belém (Small Auditorium), in Lisbon, at 9 pm.

The show is a musical proposal with scenic direction by actress Sara Carinhas.

The Queens of AutoEngano are the Portuguese Madalena Palmeirim and the Brazilians living in Lisbon, Kali Peres, and Natalia Green. They sing original repertoire and embrace different languages, composing in Portuguese and French, the voices are accompanied by the cavaquinho, acoustic guitars, and bass in a dance between Pop, Bossa Nova, MPB, or Folk.

In the new show “Gota na Galáxia”, the sound is heard first and only then do we slowly begin to see the image of the three women, the Queens of AutoEngano, seated, with a little distance between them.
Multi-instrumentalists and celebrants of both joy and tears, with them we will go from sweetness to the cry of freedom. And what do you mean, self-deception? Queens of what? What queen mother to kiss the ring? Crowning emotions by force, and persist. Insisting on the inside of our hearts. Queens of what? What mistake is this? Little hurt notes folded into a thousand. No sender sending news. Open our surprise letters, and read your letters, asking for help, smiling, in your own tears. What queens then? And what guitar? What mother’s heart? What a huge mistake?

The Queens of AutoEngano appeared in 2021 with the single “Eu Jurei”, which is part of the album Novos Talentos da FNAC. This was followed by the singles “Quarentena”, “Gota” and “Não falta nada” which were part of several editorial playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Since their live debut, the trio has performed at Super Bock em Stock, Casa do Capitão, Quintas de Leitura and Maus Hábitos (Porto), Ciclo de Pollinização, A Vida Secreta das Palavras – MAP (Oeiras), Teatro Municipal de Vila Real, TM from Bragança, Olhão, Figueira da Foz, Coimbra, Évora. At an international level, they have already performed in France and Cape Verde.

Before the CCB, they perform at Favo das Artes, in Mondim de Basto, on the 27th of May.

Artistic Sheet:
Madalena Palmeirim – voice, cavaquinho and autoharp
Natalia Green – vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, watering can
Kali Peres – vocals, guitar, acoustic bass, and tambourine
Sara Carinhas – artistic direction
Catarina Côdea – light design and operation
Marine Sigaut – costumes
Mariana Bessa – Project management, management, agency, and production
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