Lisbon Rally marks the start of the new Clio Trophy Portugal season

Not even the difficult weather conditions dampened the enthusiasm of the 11 Clio Trophy Portugal teams, who began today, at the Lisbon Rally, the season of Renault’s new trophy in rallying.

After the first four stages, Pedro Pereira and Tiago Silva command the race, with a 31-second advantage over Gil Antunes and Diogo Correia. National champion Gonçalo Henriques and Inês Veiga dominate the 2 2-wheel drive competition, with the Clio Rally4 supported by Renault Portugal.

clio tophy portugal2
Clio Trophy Portugal

It was a day of strong emotions and unpredictable conditions for the Clio Trophy Portugal drivers. The start of the most recent rally trophy in Portugal attracted 11 pairs, driving Renault Clio Rally5s. For now, the main difficulty in the Lisbon Rally is the instability of atmospheric conditions, with drivers facing periods of intense rain, alternating with dry weather.

Nothing that would affect the confidence of Pedro Pereira Jr. and Tiago Silva, who were the fastest in three of the day’s four stages. The 28-year-old Coimbra driver built a 31-second advantage over former national champion Gil Antunes, sailed by Diogo Correia.

Gil Antunes has always been Pedro Pereira Jr.’s most direct pursuer and the duel promises to continue in tomorrow’s stage, the longest of the race, with eight stages. Young Danny Carreira (23 years old) and navigator Marco Vilas Boas also had a positive day. The Portuguese driver based in Switzerland won a qualifying, his first time in Vila Franca de Xira, and is currently in third place, 43.4s behind Pedro Pereira Jr.

clio tophy portugal
Clio Trophy Portugal

Nuno Coelho and Ricardo Cunha also ran in the top 3 and ended the first day just 8.3s behind Carreira and Vilas Boas, leaving the fight for the podium open for tomorrow’s stage. The youngest driver in the Clio Trophy Portugal, Carlos Marreiros Jr., just 18 years old, left promising signs in his absolute debut with the Clio Rally5 driven by Nuno Duque. The young man from Algarve is now in the top 5 and is just ahead of another young man, José Pedro Quintas (23 years old), from Vivian, who is accompanied by Nuno Carvalhosa.

Paulo Barata and Roberto Santos are in seventh place, but just 1.1s behind Quinta and Carvalhosa, while Vasco Tintim and Francisco Ponte finish the first stage of the rally in eighth place for the trophy.

Note the bad luck of the pairs Dário Rebelo / António Pereira, Luís Caetano / David Monteiro and Henrique Azenha / Hugo Marques, who were forced to abandon, but could still try to return to the race tomorrow, in a ‘super rally’.

clio tophy portugal1
Clio Trophy Portugal

It should be noted that 41 percent of the Lisbon Rally entry list belongs to the Renault rally trophies in the Iberian Peninsula, as in addition to the Clio Trophy Portugal, competitors from the Clio Trophy Spain and the Dacia Sandero Eco Cup are also in action.

Gonçalo Henriques shows class
At the wheel of the Renault Clio Rally4 supported by Renault Portugal, Gonçalo Henriques is completely dominating the operations between the 2 two-wheel drives of the Lisbon Rally, where he is navigated by Inês Veiga. The current national 2RM champion even managed to finish the day in the top five of the absolute classification, ahead of several four-wheel drive cars.

Tomorrow, the final stage of the Lisbon Rally will have a total of 55.69 timed kilometres, ending with a long-awaited super special next to Cascais Marina.

Clio Trophy Portugal – Classification after PE4

  • 1st Pedro Pereira Jr. / Tiago Silva, 14m40.9s
  • 2nd Gil Antunes / Diogo Correia, 31s
  • 3rd Danny Carreira / Marco Vilas Boas, 43.4s
  • 4th Nuno Coelho / Ricardo Cunha, 51.7s
  • 5th Carlos Marreiros Jr. / Nuno Duque, 1m57, 1s
  • 6th José Pedro Quintas / Nuno Carvalhosa, 2m28.3s
  • 7th Paulo Barata / Roberto Santos, 2m29.4s
  • 8th Vasco Tintin / Francisco Ponte, 3m59.6s

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