Rangel starts logistics operation in Mexico

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Rangel Logistics Solutions gains a new dimension and started 2021 with its internationalization strategy extending to Mexico. With an initial investment of €750,000, it opened an office in Mexico City this month, hired teams and plans to open three more offices in the country in the next 2 years.

The choice of Mexico, ended up imposing itself as “the next step, after the opening of Brazil in 2013, to strengthen our presence in Latin America, even due to the size, economic and industrial strength of the country, which is the great factory of the United States”– explains Nuno Rangel CEO of Rangel Logistics Solutions.

As for the services provided, the big bet is international logistics – an area in which Rangel already operates and has a lot of know-how, which can be the logistics arm of international trade for those who want to export or import to Mexico – but it also goes through explore opportunities in contractual logistics services, namely in industrial logistics, the automotive sector and other industries.

In this country, the strategy was to identify the main players and establish partnerships. In this way, it is possible for Rangel to present logistics solutions to customers, appearing as a single interlocutor that integrates several operators.

“Aware that this is a country in which the logistics sector has strong competition, with the presence of all the major global players, we have the flexibility of a local operator, with the capacity to adapt to different market opportunities. We are confident and, with strong growth in Mexico and throughout Latin America, we will gain weight in the Iberian market as a logistics operator. At the same time, the current crisis is a crisis that highlights the need for digital transformation and this is one of our big bets”, says Nuno Rangel.

The prospects point to the continued expansion to other countries as early as 2021, adding even more dimension to the Rangel brand and making it increasingly synonymous with a global logistics player.

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