Rangel operates another direct flight from China to Portugal

90 Tons of medical devices

Rangel, operated another dedicated and direct flight from China to Porto, with 90 tons of medical devices, once again using an Antonov 124, the second largest in the world, which landed at Porto Airport last Friday on the 29th of May.

This is yet another complex logistics operation from China / Shanghai, in addition to the many carried out by Rangel since the beginning of this pandemic.

The success of this operation was due to the total commitment of a specialized and dedicated Rangel team, which, due to the recent changes in the rules for the export of medical devices implemented by the Chinese government, faced severe congestion in all airport infrastructures in China, given the extraordinary volumes of PPE’s being exported worldwide.

In China, Rangel coordinated received and consolidated the goods in storage, document management, customs clearance on export, insurance, chartering the plane and supervising its loading at origin until its arrival in Porto.

At Porto Airport, unloading and customs clearance were managed and, in an express operation, the goods were loaded and delivered to the customer’s home in less than 10 hours, using 12 TIR trucks for this purpose.

For this client, it is the third dedicated China – Portugal flight that Rangel operates, with the first arriving in Portugal on March 27, with the first cargo of post-pandemic medical supplies, and the second on April 21.

At a time when logistical constraints are many, Rangel underlines the pride in its teams that, with their know-how and having integrated logistics solutions, have managed to get this merchandise to their destination, essential to the current situation in which we live in Portugal.

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