Rão Kyao edits today his new album Gandhi – Um Português Homenageia Gandhi

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In March, the single “Respect for Nature” was released. Now there is the album Gandhi – Um Português Homenageia Gandhi that shows an environmentalist human being, linked to spirituality and a humanist, capable of recognizing the futuristic, global and pacifist legacy of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi (1986-1948). But there is also a musician, a composer and flutist in possession of all his resources, who proposes music that breathes both universality and Portugal.

It is [/ dropcap] an organic, themed album, made to be experienced at home or live, that can either please the faithful admirers, or open doors for a new generation that sees itself in the music and values ​​that it disseminates. In “Respect for Nature” we appeal to Gandhi’s ecological sense, while “God is Love”, it is a mystical reflection that culminates in that phrase that unifies us. In “Back to the origins” we call for self-sufficiency and the spirit of independence and in “Peace is the way” it is recalled, as Gandhi said, that “there are no paths to peace ‘. The peace is the way.”

The theme “Mercy” alludes to the fundamental point of his religious wisdom, while “Sathya Graha”, emphasizes the philosophy of love and non-violence that always guided Gandhi and that would eventually lead to the departure of the English. One day leader Martin Luther King stated: “Christ is the message. Gandhi is the method. ”

In “Marcha do Sal”, the walk to the salt flats, organized by Gandhi, evoked a crowd in favor of the right to salt, while the theme “Independence” refers to the year of liberation, in 1947. “ Vaishnav jan to tene Kahiye je ”is a theme much loved by Gandhi, about the options of humanity, having become, over the years, a hymn that everyone knows in India.

The final theme, “Mahatma”, in its literal translation means Great Soul, a surname attributed to Gandhi by the Indian people.

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