Rasgão de Ser is Contrapé’s new original album

alter ego and intimate project of actor and musician Lourenço Henriques

Professionally dedicated to theatre, cinema and television, Lourenço Henriques began his artistic journey through music, leading bands such as Com-Tradições, winner of the Reis do Estúdio competition on RTP1, and Demo-D, with which he recorded two albums of originals, in 1999 and 2001.

Although he never left music, the actor returned to regularly composing original songs during a difficult period in his life, in the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis. Creating and recording songs with oneself, in a meditative process, represented an important therapeutic place in times of convalescence. Today, free from the weight of the word cancer, Contrapé continues this path of using music as a form of inner dialogue.

Rasgão de Ser is his new and third album of originals and like the previous ones, “Osseva” and “SeivAvieS”, it is the result of a long and solitary work, bringing the first batch of songs written by the musician after the period in which he struggled with cancer.

The album’s twelve tracks are primarily based on an indie folk rock matrix, with the word at the centre of attention. Although it saw a creative process close to that of previous works, with all creation and recording carried out by Contrapé, Rasgão de Ser is the musician’s first album to feature a guest. Guitarist, composer and producer, but above all friend, Miguel Nogueira joined this kind of “lonely crossing” with electric guitar lines in five songs.

“Na Outra Mão”, is the single that accompanies the album, and has a music video directed by him: “It is a song with a bittersweet atmosphere that tells us about love crushed by circumstances. Despite the intensity, the truth, the chemistry that I hold In one hand, I carry the weight of the world attached to the other hand”, highlights the actor and musician.

“Rasgão de Ser” and “Na Outra Mão” are available digitally from this day, October 20th.

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