Raul Alarcon wins third stage of the Tour of Portugal and takes the lead of the race

The Spanish Raul Alarcon (W52-FC Porto) today won the third stage of the Tour of Portugal on a bicycle, between Sertã and Oliveira do Hospital, and took the lead in the race.

Alarcon, who won the race in 2017, completed his 195.3 kilometer lead at 4.43 p.m., beating second-placed compatriot Vicente de Mateus (Aviludo-Louletano) in 30 seconds. general from the start to the stage and kept it at the end of this, now with 28 seconds of delay to the new commander.

The third place in the stage was for Joni Brandão (Sporting-Tavira), runner that occupies the same position of the general, to 40 seconds of Alarcon.

On Sunday, the fourth stage of the race runs, a race that will connect the Guarda to the Penhas de Saúde and which initially had 171.4 kilometers, but was reduced by the organization to 144.3, failing to have the passage of the Torre, which will be replaced by the ascent to Penhas Douradas, returning the race to the original route in the area of ​​Manteigas.

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