Razer presented mask prototype with ventilation and microphone at CES 2021

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The company that develops gaming software Razer launched a prototype of a mask with ventilation and microphone to amplify the voice, at CES 2021 convention.

In addition to being intelligent, it is also transparent to facilitate the reading of lips and facial expressions, lighting up when in a low light environment.

The new mask dubbed “Project Hazel“, presented by Razer, has air ventilation and amplifier, in order to prevent the voice from being muffled, as with ordinary masks. The prototype is made of recyclable plastic and is classified as an N95 surgical mask. The interior is coated with silicone and has adjustable elastics.

In addition to allowing to read the lips, renew the air, amplify the voice, the mask also has a “light mode” available, which automatically illuminates the area of ​​the mouth when it is dark, so that it is possible to express itself clearly regardless of the lighting conditions.

The mask can be customized to the taste of each one, being able to choose between 16.8 million colors and apply dynamic lighting effects. The fans are rechargeable and can be cleaned, just place them in the wireless charging box that has an ultraviolet disinfectant light.

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