RE/MAX launches new low price campaign with discounts up to 60%

The campaign lasts until March 31, covers the entire national territory and has 634 properties, mostly for housing.

  • Viseu, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Aveiro are the districts with the largest amount of properties available
  • Reductions can range from 5% to 60% of the referral fee

RE/MAX’s price reduction campaign is back, the largest real estate company operating in Portugal. The new campaign, in effect until March 31, covers 634 properties, distributed throughout the national territory. At the lowest price are 257 villas, 158 plots of land, 77 apartments, 42 farms, with discounts of up to 60% of the amount raised.

Interested parties will thus be able to purchase at a more competitive price a total of 93 T2 (26 apartments, 56 villas, 11 farms) and 121 T3 (17 apartments, 97 villas, 7 farms). In addition to the housing component, this campaign also includes a set of 40 stores, 16 buildings, 10 warehouses, 10 leases, seven garages, among others.

With 128 properties at low prices, Viseu is the region of the country with the highest number of properties covered by the campaign, followed by Lisbon with 86, Porto with 56 and Coimbra and Aveiro with 50 each.

Beatriz Rubio, CEO of RE/MAX points out that “These RE/MAX price reduction campaigns have been providing a good business opportunity for investors, but particularly for those looking to acquire their own home.” The official adds: “Innovation and renewal of the offer are crucial for us to help our customers in the process of buying, selling or renting their property, in which we always try to find the best deal for both parties”.

This initiative has helped the broker to quickly sell some of the properties in its portfolio and also to increase its turnover.

Covered properties have contracts signed before November 1, 2021, to avoid joining properties solely for the purpose of the campaign. In addition to this criterion, the minimum value for membership is 5%, and the minimum discount value is 2 thousand euros.

The campaign is limited to the existing stock since until the end of the campaign no more properties will be added.

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