Ready to celebrate the Kings? There’s a concert waiting for you.

NorteShopping, in partnership with Casa da Música, performs a Reis concert with the Portuguese Symphonic Band.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, but do not think the parties have ended here. Remember that in just a few days there is another date to celebrate: the Kings.

And to mark this date, NorteShopping, in partnership with Casa da Música, will open the doors to a concert of Kings of the Portuguese Symphonic Band, on January 5th at 5:00 p.m. in the Praça da Indústria (NorteShopping).

The statement said that this is a concert that has 60 instrumentalists on a stage and is inspired by works inspired by popular environments.

Also noteworthy will be the work of Fernando Lapa that takes to the stage “environments from different regions of our country, with the reinvention of elements very characteristic of traditional music”.

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